Keitech Shad Impact 2" Silver Phantom - #448

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KEITECH Shad Impact na jigové hlavičce

KEITECH Shad Impact montáž Drop Shot

KEITECH Shad Impact bez zátěže

KEITECH Shad Impact montáž Split Shot

Keitech Shad Impact 2" Silver Phantom

Catalog number: #448, EAN code: 4560262601149, Product code: 25431

Brand: KEITECH, Warranty: 24 months

Availability: sale ended

Price: 6.74,- $ excl. VAT

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Color selection of Keitech Shad Impact 2":

Keitech Shad Impact 2" Arkansas ShinerKeitech Shad Impact 2" AYUKeitech Shad Impact 2" BarschKeitech Shad Impact 2" Bubblegum ShadKeitech Shad Impact 2" Chameleon / Black & Blue FLKKeitech Shad Impact 2" Chartreuse Ice ShadKeitech Shad Impact 2" Chartreuse ShadKeitech Shad Impact 2" Chartreuse ThunderKeitech Shad Impact 2" Crystal ShadKeitech Shad Impact 2" Electric ChickenKeitech Shad Impact 2" Electric ShadKeitech Shad Impact 2" Fire TigerKeitech Shad Impact 2" Golden GobyKeitech Shad Impact 2" Green Pumpkin ChartreuseKeitech Shad Impact 2" Hasu (Silver Shiner)Keitech Shad Impact 2" Lime / ChartreuseKeitech Shad Impact 2" Motoroil / ChartreuseKeitech Shad Impact 2" Motoroil / PinkKeitech Shad Impact 2" Orange ShinerKeitech Shad Impact 2" Pro Blue / Red PearlKeitech Shad Impact 2" Purple ChartreuseKeitech Shad Impact 2" Sexy HeringKeitech Shad Impact 2" Sexy ShadKeitech Shad Impact 2" Sight FlashKeitech Shad Impact 2" Silver Flash MinnowKeitech Shad Impact 2" WakasagiKeitech Shad Impact 2" Zombie

Package contains 12 pcs, bait length 2" - 58 mm, bait weight 0.9 g

Recommended jig heads: Mustad Micro #2
Recommended hooks: DECOY Worm 15 Dream Hook #6, DECOY Worm 19 S.S. Hook #4, DECOY Worm 6 Super Fine #2, DECOY Worm 123 DS Hook Masubari #6

Soft bait Keitech Shad Impact 2" (58 mm) is a perfect imitation of a fish with a horizontal action. It was created based on thorough testing of many prototypes so that the bait does not overturn during the line and has a natural movement that mimics the wounded fish. The upper part of the bait is made of light plastic, the lower part of heavier plastic with salt content. This combination ensures perfect balance and perfect movement. The KEITECH Shad Impact is great for vertical fishing. The bait can be set in many ways - on an offset hook with cheburashka, on a jig head, on hook without weight, on Dropshot, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig or Split Shot Rig. The bait has a strong squid aroma and salty taste. Made in Japan!

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KEITECH Shad Impact 2"KEITECH Shad Impact 2"KEITECH Shad Impact 3"KEITECH Shad Impact 3"KEITECH Shad Impact 4"KEITECH Shad Impact 4"KEITECH Shad Impact 5"KEITECH Shad Impact 5"