Braided Lines

Japanese brands of braided lines like Varivas, Sunline, and Momoi are considered the pinnacle in the current market. These renowned brands deliver high quality and performance that meet the demands of the most discerning anglers.

How to Choose the Ideal Braided Line?

If you are new to lure fishing or have been using monofilament, we recommend trying Sunline SIGLON PEx4 or its smoother variant Sunline SIGLON PEx8. These lines offer great value for those seeking an affordable, yet high-quality option. They are also ideal for fishing in areas where frequent lure breaks and line wear are common.

For more experienced anglers, we recommend Varivas Max Power PE X8 or Momoi RYUJIN. These premium lines are exceptionally smooth, enabling greater casting distances and outstanding load capacity and knot strength. They are perfect for light to heavy lure fishing and are among our best-selling braided lines.

For those seeking the best of the best, we recommend Varivas Avani Sea Bass PE Si-X. This line is one of the smoothest braided lines available on the market, providing excellent casting distances while being very quiet as it passes through the guides. Its exceptional properties ensure outstanding performance and comfort while fishing.

For TROUT AREA and ultra-light lure fishing, we recommend top-quality lines like Sunline Small Game PE-HG, Varivas Avani Light Game PE X4 and Varivas Super Trout Area Master Limited.

What Diameter to Choose?

When selecting the diameter of Japanese braided lines, pay more attention to load capacity than to diameter, as they are typically thinner than Western lines of the same diameter. For ultra-light fishing, choose lines with a load capacity of up to 4 kg, for light fishing up to 6 kg, for medium category 8-10 kg, and for heavy lure fishing 10 kg and more. Keep in mind that thinner lines allow for longer casts, and a load capacity of 8-10 kg is usually sufficient even for really big fish.

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