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Only the best fishing lures and equipment.

Pike 117 cm

Jan Šafránek

store owner

When I started with spinning fishing, I had only a small box with a few baits, a cheap rod and a reel. All the equipment fit in my spinning vest. But the number of different baits gradually increased ... In a moment there were so many of them that it was not possible to walk normally with the vest and I had to buy a shoulder bag. The next year it didn't even fit in the bag, so I had to buy twice as big. The equipment got busy - the first reel didn't last a year, the second lasted about a year and a half. I wanted the third reel significantly lighter than the previous one. Gradually, over the course of several years, I tried baits and equipment from most spinning brands on market.I've finally started to figure out which equipment and baits work and I can rely on them. Keitech baits suddenly began to predominate in my soft bait boxes.The last blow for all other soft baits was one spring trip to Sweden. There were a lot of fish in the bay, so we tested different types and brands of soft baits.Almost every soft bait could catch a fish, but every time I tried Keitech, I got a bite immediately. Instead of one fish in fifteen minutes, I caught three to four. That's how it went all day, even the completely bitten and torn Easy Shiner worked better than anything from the seven different brands of soft baits I had with me. Since then, the other soft baits have often just lay in the box as an unnecessary burden. Over time, I worked my way up to a state where I got rid of everything else and started fishing only with Keitech soft baits. And it was similar with everything else: I gradually discovered DUO Hard Baits, DECOY hooks and snaps, Jackall baits, Momoi braided lines, ValkeIN trout baits, Mustad jig heads, Versus / Meiho boxes ...

At this e-shop, we will sell only equipment and baits personally verified by me, by my close friends and members of and NEJPŘÍVLAČ.cz teams. From most types of products, you will often find only one brand here - the one that I think is the best in the category. And the best does not mean the most expensive!

I wish you a lot of beautiful fishing experiences with our equipment. :)