Sunline SIGLON PEx8 Light Green 150 m

Sunline SIGLON PEx8 Light Green 150 m

Product code: 180010

Brand: Sunline, Warranty: 24 months

Delivery: from 1 - 2 business days to United States.

Price: 22.39,- $ excl. VAT

Meet the advanced Sunline SIGLON PEx8 - the new generation of fast sinking braided line. Thanks to new technology, it achieves a thinner diameter, round profile and higher strength using eight strands. It excels in elasticity, linear and knot strength, and high abrasion resistance, which improves the accuracy of casts. The eight-strand version is even smoother than the four-strand version, allowing for longer casts. Sunline SIGLON PEx8 is available in 150 m spools in green. Made in Japan!

Our recommendation: when choosing Japanese braided lines, focus on the weight rating instead of the diameter, as they are usually thinner than American or European lines with the same stated diameter.

NameEAN codeDiameter PEStrengthAvailabilityNumber in stockPrice incl. VAT
PE #0.649688134316250.132 mm4.5 kg / 10 lbin stock1 pcs22.39,- $
PE #0.849688134316320.153 mm6.0 kg / 12 lbin stock2 pcs22.39,- $
PE #1.049688134316490.171 mm7.7 kg / 16 lbin stock3 pcs22.39,- $
PE #1.249688134316560.187 mm9.2 kg / 20 lbin stock1 pcs22.39,- $
PE #1.549688134316630.209 mm11.0 kg / 25 lbin stock2 pcs22.39,- $