Sunline Small Game PE-HG 150 m

Sunline Small Game PE-HG 150 m

Product code: 180020

Brand: Sunline, Warranty: 24 months

Delivery: from 1 - 2 business days to United States.

Price: from 45.72,- $ excl. VAT

Sunline SMALL GAME PE-HG braided line, perfect for ultralight fishing, allows long casts even with light lures thanks to its extremely thin diameter. Its high strength and sensitivity ensure excellent bite detection. It is offered in 150m spools in Sakura Pink for better visibility, with weights from 1.2 to 4.5 kg. Choose the ideal diameter for your needs. Japanese quality from Sunline!

Our recommendation: when choosing Japanese braided lines, focus on the weight rating instead of the diameter, as they are usually thinner than American or European lines with the same stated diameter.

NameEAN codeDiameter PEStrengthAvailabilityNumber in stockPrice incl. VAT
PE #0.1549688135327420.066 mm1.2 kg / 2.5 lbin stock1 pcs98.66,- $
PE #0.249688135327590.076 mm1.6 kg / 3 lbtemporarily sold out80.71,- $Watch availability
PE #0.349688135327660.094 mm2.1 kg / 5 lbin stock2 pcs59.18,- $
PE #0.449688135327730.108 mm2.9 kg / 6 lbin stock1 pcs50.20,- $
PE #0.549688135327800.121 mm3.3 kg / 8 lbin stock1 pcs50.20,- $
PE #0.649688135327970.132 mm4.5 kg / 10 lbin stock2 pcs45.72,- $