Momoi RYUJIN 150 m Lime Green

Momoi RYUJIN 150 m Lime Green

Product code: 7500

Brand: Momoi, Warranty: 24 months

Delivery: from 1 - 2 business days to United States.

Price: from 44.12,- $ excl. VAT

The Momoi Ryujin 150 m Lime Green braided line currently represents the technical top among braids. The line is extremely strong and flexible, it consists of 8 threads. Thanks to the special "extra silent mode" surface treatment, it minimizes noise in the eyes and at the same time enables extra long casts. Completely made in Japan!

Spool 150 m, Lime Green color

NameEAN codeDiameter PEStrengthAvailabilityNumber in stockPrice incl. VAT
PE #0.1545802941268160.06 mm6 kg / 14 lbin stock3 or more pcs47.65,- $
PE #0.245802941233270.08 mm8 kg / 18 lbin stock1 pcs47.65,- $
PE #0.445802941233340.10 mm9 kg / 20 lbin stock3 or more pcs47.65,- $
PE #0.645802941233410.12 mm10 kg / 22 lbin stock3 or more pcs44.12,- $
PE #0.845802941233580.14 mm11 kg / 23 lbtemporarily sold out44.12,- $Watch availability