Keitech Flex Chunk 3" Medium Green Pumpkin PP. - #101

Keitech Flex Chunk 3" Medium Green Pumpkin PP.

Catalog number: #101, EAN code: 4560262620751, Product code: 25003

Brand: KEITECH, Warranty: 24 months

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Package contains 6 pcs, bait length 3" - 83 mm, weight 6.5 g

Recomended jig heads: Mustad Classic #1/0
Recomended hooks: DECOY Worm 6 Super Fine #1, DECOY Worm 123 DS Hook Masubari #4

Soft bait Keitech Flex Chunk Medium 3" (83 mm) is a new bait from the Japanese company KEITECH for 2019. Primarily, the KEITECH Flex Chunk "trailer" is intended for "skirt jigs" (jig heads with fringes), spinnerbaits or chatterbaits. Thanks to the use of a special type of salty rubber, it was possible to create a trailer that hits the bottom shortly after the impact of the jig and fringe itself. The wide ribbed legs of the bait respond perfectly to even the most delicate movements, which drives the predators crazy. Flex Chunk is also great for fishing with cheburashka, classic jig head and Dropshot (watch the video). The bait has a salty taste and a strong squid aroma. Made in Japan!

Soft baits KEITECH Flex Chunk are available in two sizes.