Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" AYU - #400
Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" AYU - #400
Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" AYU - #400
Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" AYU - #400


Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" AYU

Catalog number: #400, EAN code: 4560262598395, Product code: 25800

Brand: KEITECH, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5":

Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" AYUKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Bluegill FlashKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Electric Baby BassKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Electric BluegillKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Electric ShadKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Gold Flash MinnowKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Green Pumpkin ChartreuseKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Green Pumpkin PP.Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Morning DawnKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Pink SpecialKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Pro Blue / Red PearlKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Sexy ShadKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Sight FlashKeitech Easy Shaker 3.5" Silver Flash Minnow

Package contains 12 pcs, bait length 3.5" - 95 mm, weight 1.9 g

Soft bait Keitech Easy Shaker 3.5" (95 mm) is a straight worm with a strong squid aroma, designed mainly for Drop Shot fishing. The combination of a ringed body and unsalted material allows Easy Shaker to maintain a horizontal position for a long time. Even the smallest movements of the rod or flow of a water create a very realistic movement along the entire length of the worm's body. The ringed body gives the Easy Shaker worm a thick silhouette, while a thin core body allows it to move very vividly. The head section of the worm is designed a bit thicker to accept an offset worm hook, while rigging slits on the back and belly of the Shaker hide the hook point to keep it weedless. The unsalted material allows the worm to lure fish without losing its horizontal position, whether you are catching a Drop Shot with a normal or offset hook. Made in Japan!

Keitech Easy Shaker soft baits are available in sizes from 9 to 14 cm.

We offer the lure in the following sizes / variants:

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