ValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.26 Final Red Gold

ValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.26 Final Red Gold

Catalog number: No.26, EAN code: 4589873970222, Product code: 15910

Brand: ValkeIN, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of ValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g:

ValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g GLT1 LIMITEDValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g GLT2 LIMITEDValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g LT3 LIMITEDValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.01 GoldValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.02 SilverValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.06 MustardValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.09 BrownValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.11 Emerald GreenValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.12 ChartValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.15 Silver / BlueValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.19 Red / GoldValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.20 Yellow Orange / BlackValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.26 Final Red GoldValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.27 Shine Lime GreenValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.28 Orange GoldValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.29 Chart GoldValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.49 Turning GreenValkeIn Giga Burst 2.8g No.50 Black Insect

ValkeIn Giga Burst is a completely new model of spoon from the Japanese brand ValkeIn, designed for searching large bodies of water. The spoon action was developed according to the most modern fishing techniques, the spoon has a perfect oscillating movement at all reeling speeds. The 2.8g weight allows you to cover a wide range of waters, from small ponds to large lakes. Thanks to the action, which works great even when reeling very fast, the Giga Burst has a wide range of uses - from catching very active trout to catching inactive fish. We recommend trying this new, timeless spoon.

Properties - length: 28 mm, weight: 2.8 g