O.S.P DoLive Shad 4" Sight Special Ver.2 TW145

O.S.P DoLive Shad 4" Sight Special Ver.2 TW145

Catalog number: TW145, EAN code: 4573189512986, Product code: 300109

Brand: O.S.P, Warranty: 24 months

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Soft bait O.S.P DoLive Shad 4" - the weakness of a lot of soft baits is that they do not look alive when they fall - they just fall without any action when you stop retrieving. O.S.P DoLive Shad is different! When fishing without a weight, the bait sinks with a shaking of the body and a strong waving of the tail, like a bait fish heading voluntarily to the bottom. All you have to do is cast next to the supposed hiding places of predatory fish and wait for the bite. If nothing happens, simply lift the O.S.P DoLive Shad from the bottom by turning the reel handle a few times and let it sink again. Even at the slowest motion, it works very solidly, and at a fast pace, it also emits strong vibrations, which really fascinate predatory fish. O.S.P DoLive Shad soft baits are great for weightless fishing, on Carolina and Texas rig, they also have a perfect action on a classic jig head, or with cheburashka. The baits have a strong squid aroma. Made in Japan!

Package contains 6 pcs, bait length 4" - 102 mm, weight 9.3 g

Recommended jig heads: Mustad Classic #3/0, SAF Harpia 2X Strong #3/0
Recommended hooks: DECOY Worm 30 Makisasu Hook #3/0, DECOY Worm 17 Kg Hook #3/0, DECOY Worm 4 Strong Wire #2/0, DECOY Worm 230 Makisasu Blade #3/0 3.5g