Keitech Mad Wag 4.5" Natural Shad - #212
Keitech Mad Wag 4.5" Natural Shad - #212
Keitech Mad Wag 4.5" Natural Shad - #212
Keitech Mad Wag 4.5" Natural Shad - #212



Keitech Mad Wag 4.5" Natural Shad

Catalog number: #212, EAN code: 4560262611186, Product code: 5807

Brand: KEITECH, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of Keitech Mad Wag 4.5":

Keitech Mad Wag 4.5" BlackKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" BluegillKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" Electric ShadKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" Green Pumpkin PP.Keitech Mad Wag 4.5" Green Pumpkin PP. BlueKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" June BugKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" Natural ShadKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" Sahara Olive FLKKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" ScuppernongKeitech Mad Wag 4.5" Watermelon PP. Red

Package contains 9 pcs, bait length 4.5" - 114 mm - applies when stretching the bait, bait length as in the photo is about 82 mm, bait weight 2.9 g

Recommended jig heads: Mustad Classic #1/0
Recommended hooks: DECOY Worm 15 Dream Hook #1, DECOY Worm 30 Makisasu Hook #1, DECOY Worm 6 Super Fine #1/0

Soft bait Keitech Mad Wag Slim 4.5" is a successful combination of rubber worm, twister and swimbait. The twister tail generates strong vibrations in the water, even in very slow movement. The ribbed body has a groove in the middle to hide the tip of the offset hook. Thanks to it, Keitech Mad The wag can be fished in heavily overgrown waters with minimal chance of the bait getting stuck.The bait can be used in many ways - on a jig head, on a hook without weight and on Dropshot, Texas Rig or Carolina rigs. The bait has a salty flavor and strong squid aroma. Made in Japan!

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