Keitech Hog Impact 3" Red Crawdad - #404
Keitech Hog Impact 3" Red Crawdad - #404
Keitech Hog Impact 3" Red Crawdad - #404
Keitech Hog Impact 3" Red Crawdad - #404


KEITECH Hog Impact

Keitech Hog Impact 3" Red Crawdad

Catalog number: #404, EAN code: 4560262570995, Product code: 25260

Brand: KEITECH, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of Keitech Hog Impact 3":

Keitech Hog Impact 3" Arkansas ShinerKeitech Hog Impact 3" Delta CrawKeitech Hog Impact 3" Electric Green CrawKeitech Hog Impact 3" Fire TigerKeitech Hog Impact 3" Golden GobyKeitech Hog Impact 3" Green Pumpkin ChartreuseKeitech Hog Impact 3" Green Pumpkin PP.Keitech Hog Impact 3" Green WeenieKeitech Hog Impact 3" Motoroil / OrangeKeitech Hog Impact 3" Motoroil PP. RedKeitech Hog Impact 3" Natural CrawKeitech Hog Impact 3" Purple ChartreuseKeitech Hog Impact 3" Red CrawdadKeitech Hog Impact 3" Sahara Olive FLK.Keitech Hog Impact 3" Vio GreenieKeitech Hog Impact 3" WakasagiKeitech Hog Impact 3" Watermelon PP. / Yellow

Package contains 12 pcs, bait length 3" - 70 mm, bait weight 1.4 g

Soft bait Keitech Hog Impact 3" (70 mm) has a ribbed body, finished with a thin tail and two side growths. There are thin "fins" in the middle of the bait and a cutout for the offset hook in the body of the bait. Thanks to it, a large number of limbs and ribbing on the body of Hog Impact, the bait passes very well among underwater plants. The bait is suitable for all types of uses - on a jig head, on a hook without weight, Dropshot, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig and others. KEITECH Hog Impact has thin, very mobile limbs that enliven the bait even with minimal movement and do not stop working in the current, even when the bait is standing still. This feature allows you to keep Hog Impact in a promising place for as long as possible, which you will especially appreciate when fishing for Dropshot and similar methods. The bait has a salty taste and a strong squid aroma. Made in Japan!

Soft bait KEITECH Hog Impact is available in three sizes from 7 to 10 cm.

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KEITECH Hog Impact 3"KEITECH Hog Impact 3"KEITECH Hog Impact 3.5"KEITECH Hog Impact 3.5"KEITECH Hog Impact 4"KEITECH Hog Impact 4"