ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.04 Black - No.4
ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.04 Black - No.4
ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.04 Black - No.4
ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.04 Black - No.4

ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.04 Black

Catalog number: No.4, EAN code: 4562299496354, Product code: 15303

Brand: ValkeIN, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g:

ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g LT3 LIMITEDValkeIN Scheila 1.8g LT5 LIMITEDValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.01 GoldValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.02 SilverValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.03 WhiteValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.04 BlackValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.05 MustardValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.06 PinkValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.08 ChartValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.09 Fluorescent PinkValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.10 Silver / BlueValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.11 Olive GlitterValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.12 Red/GoldValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.13 GlowValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.14 Light BlueValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.16 Beige Glow 2ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.17 TT1ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.18 TT2ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.19 TT3ValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.20 Orange GlowValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.21 MetallicValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.22 G-GreenValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.26 Final Red GoldValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.27 Shine Lime GoldValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.28 R Orange GoldValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.29 Chart GoldValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.47 AR BlueValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.48 Peach WoodValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.49 Turning GreenValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.50 Black InsectValkeIN Scheila 1.8g No.73 Green Flicker

Neither too weak nor too strong vibrations are the key features of the ValkeIN Scheila. Another specific feature of the spoon is stability in all circumstances. Thanks to stable operation, the percentage of converted strikes increases. The body of the spoon is slightly wider, similar to the Ice Fake model, so that it is possible to guide the spoon at the bottom and in the upper parts of the water column with a slower speed. Stability = success!

ValkeIN Scheila 1.8 g se is a universal spoon, which thanks to its stability you can guide at any speed, and yet retains its unique operation. Version 1.8 g is suitable for very slow guidance near the bottom or column. In the case of faster guidance, it can be guided just below the surface.

Properties - length: 25 mm, weight: 1.8 g, hook: Jyro hook #6