ValkeIN Kuga Nano S Mat Lemonade Glow - M173

ValkeIN Kuga Nano S Mat Lemonade Glow

Catalog number: M173, EAN code: 4570027031937, Product code: 15415

Brand: ValkeIN, Warranty: 24 months

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ValkeIN Kuga Nano S is the Sinking model that joins the Kuga Nano series. With a super slow sinking design that goes with the fall speed, the ValkeIN Kuga Nano S has an amazing attraction power that allows you to attack the deep ranges where the floating model cannot. With a floating action that appeals to highly active fish, the sinking action is designed to appeal to these fish in high pressure situations. When the approach is matched perfectly with the range, you will see the power and effectiveness of the ValkeIN Kuga Nano S!

Length 26 mm
Weight 2.1 g
Type Sinking
Hook Gyro Hook Ride #6
Range 0.3 ~ 0.9 m