ValkeIN Ice Fake 2.6g No.48 Peach Wood

ValkeIN Ice Fake 2.6g No.48 Peach Wood

Catalog number: No.48, EAN code: 4589873940676, Product code: 15214

Brand: ValkeIN, Warranty: 24 months

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The ValkeIN Ice Fake model line contrasts perfectly with the aggressive Hi-Burst action. Ice fake has a less aggressive action, gliding more smoothly through the water and rippling as if by accident. Thanks to this "supple" action, the percentage of successful trout attacks and hand in hand with the success of strikes increases. The Ice Fake model line works the same at all winding speeds.

ValkeIN Ice Fake proved to be the most effective at medium fast to slow winding speeds with occasional short jerks. Thanks to its shape, it has excellent flight characteristics due to its weight.

Properties - length: 31 mm, weight: 2.6 g, hook: Jyro hook #6