Sawamura One Up Shad 5" #136 Green Pumpkin Chart

Sawamura One Up Shad 5" #136 Green Pumpkin Chart

Catalog number: #136, EAN code: 4589855990545, Product code: 350314

Brand: Sawamura, Warranty: 24 months

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The Sawamura One Up Shad 5" (106 mm) soft bait has been at the top of the Japanese market for several years. This bait is very effective both when fishing for freshwater predators and when fishing at sea. Predators accept it very willingly thanks to its "wobb-roll" action (rocking-rolling). In addition, the special TRUMP aroma of the enzymes used can drive the fish completely crazy. It can be set on both a jig head and an offset hook, Texas rig, Carolina rig, drop shot rig, as a trailer for spinnerbaits, or just freely without any weight. Made in Japan!

Package contains 5 pcs, bait length 5"- 106 mm, weight 13 g

Recomended jig heads: Mustad Classic #4/0SAF Harpia 2X Strong #4/0
Recomended hooks: DECOY Worm 17 Kg Hook #4/0, DECOY Worm 30 Makisasu Hook #4/0, DECOY Worm 4 Strong Wire #3/0, DECOY Worm 230 Makisasu Blade #4/0 3.5g

SAWAMURA One Up Shad soft baits are available in various sizes from 5 to 21 cm, so they are great for targeting almost all types of predator fish species.