Keitech Flapper Grub 4" Black - #001

Keitech Flapper Grub 4" Black

Catalog number: #001, EAN code: 4560262619557, Product code: 25204

Brand: KEITECH, Warranty: 24 months

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Package contains 7 pcs, bait length 4" - 85 mm, weight 6.5 g

Recomended jig heads: Mustad Classic #2/0
Recomended hooks: DECOY Worm 25 Kg Hook Wide #1/0, DECOY Worm 6 Super Fine #1/0

Soft bait Keitech Flapper Grub 4" (85 mm) is a brand new bait of the Japanese brand KEITECH for the year 2020. The bait is a very successful innovation of the classic twister. The twisted tail of the twister has a blade that is directed perpendicular to the bait. Thanks to this, the blade puts a lot of resistance to water and moves the tail of the bait even at the slowest speeds, or when the bait falls through the water column. This movement can often provoke otherwise inactive fish. The body of the Flapper Grub is flattened, so the bait sinks more slowly to the bottom. There are special reinforcements at the points of entry and exit of the offset hook, thanks to which the life of the bait is significantly extended and prevents the bait from slipping off the hook. The bait has a salty taste and a strong squid aroma. Keitech Flapper Grub can be used in many ways - on a jig head, on a cheburashka rig or on an offset hook. Made in Japan!