Jackall Chubble MR Babataku Gogan Craw - 1252

Jackall Chubble MR Babataku Gogan Craw

Catalog number: 1252, EAN code: 4525807141252, Product code: 60300

Brand: Jackall, Warranty: 24 months

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Jackall Chubble is a revolutionary fusion of minnow and crankbait. Thanks to the floating body and square lip, it avoids obstacles perfectly and allows you to catch difficult places full of obstacles that are unreachable with a regular minnow wobbler. Jackall Chubble allows for a wide range of presentations - small tricks such as stop & go and twitching, but also direct stable retrieve with slow and fast speed.

Model MR, which has a duckbill-shaped lip with excellent stable action and ability to avoid rooting, goes straight without leaving the contact structure, making it possible to carefully aim for fish hidden in the structure. The maximum dive depth is 1.8 m, making it the best match for targeting shallow to middle ranges. The action setting appeals with a slightly tight wobbling roll action so that it is easy to use even in rough fields and clear water quality.

Length 65 mm
Weight 10.8 g
Range 1.8 m
Type floating