FishUp Pupa 0.9" #108 Cheese

FishUp Pupa 0.9" #108 Cheese

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Brand: FishUp, Warranty: 24 months

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Soft bait FishUp Pupa 0.9" (22 mm) in the shape of a larva is perfect for trout area fishing. The bait is flavored and dipped with a strong cheese flavor.

Package contains 12 pcs, bait length 0.9" - 22 mm

Recommended jig heads: DECOY SV-52 Round Magic #6, Mustad Micro #6
Recommended hooks: DECOY Single 32 Finesse Single #10

Soft bait FishUP Pupa is very popular with spinning competitors, because it literally acts as a magnet for trout. It is made of soft material, thanks to which the fish trusts the bait more and sometimes picks it up several times. FishUP Pupa is a relatively large bait, which allows long casting, even in windy weather. The Pupa, like most artificial larvas, has no movement. It only slowly sinks through the water column with its own weight, or with a small jig head. The bait is guided by lightly tapping the bottom with pauses. One of the possibilities is to guide the larva just below the surface. It's up to you how it will be presented. In addition, the bait is dipped with a strong cheese aroma, which increases the number of bites and leaves a strong odor trail. Natural colors guarantee success in clear water, while vibrant colors will be successful in deep or muddy water.