Superglue Würth Klebfix 5 g - 08930900

Superglue Würth Klebfix 5 g

Catalog number: 08930900, EAN code: 4050641332875, Product code: 9030

Brand: Würth, Warranty: 24 months

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We receive a lot of questions from you about whether and how we glue KEITECH soft baits. The answer is YES, we glue them on jig heads or hooks. We tried a lot of different adhesives, but either they don't stick to Keitech at all, they're badly dosed, they dry, they stick your fingers together when applied ... just evil. The change came when I received from my friend the industrial instant adhesive Würth Klebfix 5g, which they use in their work for minor repairs.

The glue has a patented closing system thanks to which the tube where the glue flows cleans itself when closed - so the tube can never stick. The glue can be used with one hand, even in gloves. Dosing takes place by squeezing the glue from below - so there is no way that the glue accidentally leaks out when you open / close it - nothing happens when you squeeze the tube. Dosing is very accurate and simple. For me, it was the first glue I really used up to the end.

The glue is intended for gluing metals, plastics and rubber parts to each other and to other materials within a few seconds. It does not contain solvents.