DUO Realis Wriggle Crawler 3.8" Sparkle Shrimp - F030

DUO Realis Wriggle Crawler 3.8" Sparkle Shrimp

Catalog number: F030, EAN code: 4525918133559, Product code: 19803

Brand: DUO, Warranty: 24 months

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The DUO Realis Wriggle Crawler 3.8" (96 mm) soft bait is a perfect imitation of a earthworm (worm) from the Japanese company DUO.

Package contains 20 pcs, bait length 3.8" - 96 mm, bait weight 2 g

Recomended jig heads: DECOY SV-52 Round Magic #4, Mustad Micro #4
Recomended hooks: DECOY Worm 123 DS Hook Masubari #3, DECOY Worm 10 Shot Rig #3

DUO Realis Wriggle Crawler is made of thick soft plastic, which allows long and accurate casts. The composition and shape of the Wriggler Crawler allows presentation in various ways. The cavity inside the worm's head gives the bait a slow drop and helps create longer sequences of movement. This allows the use of the finest presentation techniques for column and bottom fishing such as Neko Rig, Wacky Rig and Drop Shot. At first glance, Wriggle Crawler's body looks like an ordinary worm. Closer examination reveals the dynamic shape of the bait body, which is perfectly visible in the cross section of the bait. Changes in the thickness of the bait and the alternation of serrations with a smooth surface create a unique movement and vibration of the bait, which literally comes to life underwater. The bait has a strong shrimp aroma. Made in Japan!