DUO Realis Vibration 68 G-Fix Chart Gill Halo - AJA3055

DUO Realis Vibration 68 G-Fix Chart Gill Halo

Catalog number: AJA3055, EAN code: 4525918077235, Product code: 8310

Brand: DUO, Warranty: 24 months

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DUO Realis Vibration 68 G-Fix is one of the thinnest and at the same time the heaviest lipless crankbaits on the market. Thanks to perfect aerodynamics, it sinks to the bottom as fast as the soft baits on the jig head. Due to the rapid decline, the attacking predator does not have time to explore the bait, so attacks on Vibration tend to be more intimate and more aggressive. The perfect stability of the bait during the fall has also dramatically reduced the chance of the line tangled in the hooks during the fall, which is often a weakness of competing baits.

In the G-Fix version, the fixed steel ball (6.5 mm x 1 piece) and the moving balls (3.0 mm x 12 pieces) were replaced by the same size of tungsten balls. Furthermore, a shaped fixed weight was added in the head part of the wobbler, which increased the total weight by 5 g compared to the classic model.

Thanks to its excellent casting properties, strong vibrations and aggressive running, it is an ideal bait especially for the warmer seasons, when the water temperature is above 10°C and the predators are active. DUO Realis Vibration G-Fix is a new generation of lures which have paved a new path for vibration plugs.

Length 68 mm
2-5/8 in
Weight 21 g
3/4 oz
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook size #6X
Range unlimited