DUO Realis Rozante 63SP Violet Gill YB ADA3197

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DUO Realis Rozante

DUO Realis Rozante

DUO Realis Rozante 63SP Violet Gill YB ADA3197

Catalog number: ADA3197, EAN code: 4525918101602, Product code: 8252

Brand: DUO, Warranty: 24 months

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DUO Realis Rozante 63SP - an exceptional wobbler with a unique movement

DUO Realis Rozante 63SP has a robust body equipped with a special magnetic moving weight for absolute stability during casting. You will appreciate this especially in strong winds, when you need to throw far and at the same time accurately.

You can achieve the ideal action and vibration with this wobbler when guided by longer jerky movements, in the Stop and go style. The resulting movement resembles an escaping fish. This way of leading can make otherwise indifferent predators attack as soon as the wobbler gets close to them. Rozante is thus suitable for active anglers who often change places.

DUO Realis Rozante wobblers can also be led as "shad" wobblers - aggressive short twitching. This style can be very effective if the predators only follow the classically guided bait, but do not attack it.

Length 63 mm
2-1/2 in
Weight 5 g
1/6 oz
Type Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)
Hook size #10
Range 0.6 ~ 0.8 m
2 ~ 3 ft