DECOY Worm 230 Makisasu Blade #1 1.8g

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Brand: DECOY, Warranty: 24 months

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DECOY Worm 230 Makisasu Blade are unique weighted offset hooks with a rotating plate to increase attractiveness. The base is in the DECOY Worm 30 Makisasu Hook, which is screwed into the bait using a special "corkscrew" - thanks to that it holds perfectly in the bait and the bait does not slide off the hook. At the same time, the hook is placed under the bait and "reflects" all obstacles, so the bait has almost no chance to get stuck. The hooks are forged with a black finish. There is a sliding weight on the body of the hook, which you can move in both directions so that the bait is perfectly balanced. A swivel with a rotating plate is also placed on this weight to increase attractiveness. Made in Japan!

Package contains 2 pcs.

Size Length Height Weight
#2 33.2 mm 13.4 mm 1.8 g
#1 36.4 mm 14.6 mm 1.8 g
#1/0 39.5 mm 15.9 mm 2.5 g
#2/0 42.9 mm 17.9 mm 2.5 g
#3/0 47.7 mm 19.8 mm 3.5 g
#4/0 51.3 mm 21.2 mm 3.5 g
#5/0 56.3 mm 23.0 mm 5.0 g