Versus box VS-7070 black - VS707000

Versus box VS-7070 black

Catalog number: VS707000, EAN code: 4963189511803, Product code: 7932

Brand: Meiho / Versus, Warranty: 24 months

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The Versus VS-7070 black box allows you to insert VS 506, VS 706, VS 806, SFC L, VS 3010, VS 3020 and RunGun 1010W boxes. The case has a very solid construction, you can carry anything you can carry in it. Six variable partitions in the upper space and two in the lower storage space. Rubberized handle with safety device against accidental opening. The lid can be opened 180 degrees and supported by the handle, creating a side table. Material: Impact resistant copolymer, polycarbonate covers. The size of the Versus VS-7070 suitcase is perfect for the Trout Area (lake trout fishing). It is possible to buy Meiho BM-230 rod stands for the suitcase. Made in Japan!

Dimensions: 434 x 233 x 271 mm