ValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g LT4 LIMITED

ValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g LT4 LIMITED

Catalog number: LT4, EAN code: 4589934360306, Product code: 15114

Brand: ValkeIN, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of ValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g:

ValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.01 GoldValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.02 SilverValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.08 PinkValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.11 Emerald GreenValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.12 ChartValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.13 Fluorescent PinkValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.16 Olive GlitterValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.20 Yellow Orange BlackValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.27 Shine Lime GreenValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.29 Chart GoldValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.47 AR BlueValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.48 Peach WoodValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.49 Turning GreenValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.51 Native OliveValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.52 BlueValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.53 Pure PinkValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.54 Ice YellowValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.55 Fluorescent OrangeValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.56 Next GreenValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.64 Candy GoldValkeIN Hi-Burst 3.6g No.67 LIMITED

The Hi-Burst model line was ValkeIN's first spoon developed on the basis of the concept of "maximum appeal". The unique oscillating movement creates a unique action. Hi-Burst brings the best thanks to the reflection of the size of the spoon in relation to its weight. Thus, a separate dimension was developed for each weight.

The Hi-Burst series has the most aggressive operation of all ValkeIN spoons. This predestines it as an effective weapon for freshly stocked trout, which often attack the movement of the spoon. It is ideal to choose especially strong color variants and combinations. Less aggressive baits usually work more on careful trout, both in movement and color. Nevertheless, dark combinations can arouse interest even in careful trout, so it pays to have a few in the box.

Properties - length: 30 mm, weight: 3.6 g, hook: Jyro hook #6