Spinner Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Fly #2 SBB - VBF2 SBB

Spinner Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Fly #2 SBB

Catalog number: VBF2 SBB, EAN code: 027752114250, Product code: 36234

Brand: Blue Fox, Warranty: 24 months

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Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Fly is a sound rotating spinner with an oval-shaped leaf. Compared to the classic Vibrax, Bullet Fly spinners have a narrower and longer leaf, which does not create so much resistance in water and is located directly on the spinner axis, which causes maximum vibration. Bullet Fly spinners are also 30% heavier than standard Vibrax in the same size. They work great in a faster streams or in deeper water. The hook is equipped with a skirt made of fibers, which increase the attractiveness of the bait. Blue Fox Bullet Fly spinner is extra effective for trout fishing.

Weight: 8g (1/4 oz)