Momoi Egixite PE 135 m 0.16 mm 8.1 kg - #1.0

Momoi Egixite PE 135 m 0.16 mm 8.1 kg

Catalog number: #1.0, EAN code: 4571443129338, Product code: 7653

Brand: Momoi, Warranty: 24 months

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The Momoi Egixite PE braided line is a novelty for 2021 from the Japanese manufacturer Momoi. 8 high-strength HPPE fibers allow the use of a thinner cord diameter while maintaining the same load capacity, thanks to which you get less water flow resistance and less wind effect. The Momoi Egixite PE line also has extremely low elongation, so it is very sensitive and ensures direct contact with the bait, which you will especially appreciate when fishing for zander. The newly developed technology of the triple silicone coating of the cord reduces the friction in the eyes of the rod and thus enables longer, smoother and quieter throws. Made in Japan!

Spool 135 m, color gray, the line is braided from 8 HPPE fibers

Diameter Load capacity Japanese markings
0.10 mm 3.6 kg / 8 lb #0.4
0.12 mm 6.3 kg / 14 lb #0.6
0.14 mm 7.2 kg / 16 lb #0.8
0.16 mm 8.1 kg / 18 lb #1.0