Jig head SAF Harpia 2X Strong #3/0 (5 pcs)

Jig head SAF Harpia 2X Strong #3/0 (5 pcs)

Product code: 81002

Brand: Smart Arctic Fox, Warranty: 24 months


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The SAF Harpia series of jig heads is intended for everyone who wants to catch large and strong fish on relatively small lures. The heads are cast on an extremely strong, double-strengthened Mustad Ultra Point 32833NP Black Nickel hook equipped with a chemically sharpened tip and a 4.3 UltraPoint technology tip. The weight-accurate casting is complemented by the so-called "lure holder" (a holder that fixes the bait in the same place and thus saves its life during fishing).

Package contains 5 pcs.

Hook size Hook height Hook length Wire thickness
#1/0 13.5 mm 33.0 mm 1.15 mm
#2/0 14.8 mm 35.5 mm 1.25 mm
#3/0 15.6 mm 39.5 mm 1.30 mm
#4/0 17.4 mm 44.0 mm 1.45 mm
#5/0 18.9 mm 47.1 mm 1.60 mm
#6/0 21.2 mm 52.5 mm 1.80 mm
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