FishUp Tanta 2.5" #110 Dark Olive

FishUp Tanta 2.5" #110 Dark Olive

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Brand: FishUp, Warranty: 24 months

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Soft bait FishUp Tanta 2.5" (61 mm) is a perfect imitation of fish's natural food. The bait is flavored and dipped with a strong cheese flavor.

Package contains 8 pcs, bait length 2.5" - 61 mm

Recommended jig heads: Mustad Micro #2
Recommended hooks: DECOY Single 32 Finesse Single #4

Soft bait FishUp Tanta was designed to resemble the natural food of fish with its perfect movement. Fine ribbing allows the bait to work even in a weaker current. FishUp Tanta is a universal bait not only for catching passive fish. The bait is dipped with a strong cheese aroma, which increases the number of bites and leaves a strong odor trail. Natural colors guarantee success in clear water, while vibrant colors will be successful in deep or muddy water.