FishUp Scaly FAT 3.2" #113 Hot Orange

FishUp Scaly FAT 3.2" #113 Hot Orange

Catalog number: #113, EAN code: 4820194858630, Product code: 41313

Brand: FishUp, Warranty: 24 months

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Soft bait FishUp Scaly FAT 3.2" (82 mm) in the shape of a worm is perfect for catching almost all types of predatory fish. The bait is flavored and dipped with a strong cheese flavor.

Package contains 8 pcs, bait length 3.2" - 82 mm

Recommended jig heads: Mustad Micro #2
Recommended hooks: DECOY Single 32 Finesse Single #4

Soft bait FishUP Scaly FAT is an imitation of a worm, which is designed primarily for Wacky fishing. It can also be used for fishing on a jig head or with cheburashka. Even with the smallest animation, the FishUp Scaly FAT worm moves along the entire length of its body, because its design allows this active movement. There are tiny wings on the body, which slow down the bait by a fraction of a second when it falls, which is another advantage when catching passive fish. Due to the larger body, the bait attracts mostly larger fish. In addition, the bait is dipped with a strong cheese aroma, which increases the number of bites and leaves a strong odor trail. Natural colors guarantee success in clear water, while vibrant colors will be successful in deep or muddy water.