FishUp Baffi Fly 1.5" #110 Dark Olive

FishUp Baffi Fly 1.5" #110 Dark Olive

Catalog number: #110, EAN code: 4820194856001, Product code: 40005

Brand: FishUp, Warranty: 24 months

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Soft bait FishUp Baffi Fly 1.5" (38 mm) in the shape of a nymph is perfect for trout and perch fishing. The bait is flavored and dipped with a strong cheese flavor.

Package contains 10 pcs, bait length 1.5" - 38 mm

Recommended jig heads: DECOY SV-52 Round Magic #6, DECOY SV-55 Aji Drive #8, Mustad Micro #4
Recommended hooks: DECOY Single 32 Finesse Single #6

Soft bait FishUp Baffi Fly has been elaborated to the smallest detail so that it behaves naturally in the water and is irresistible for fish. Works perfectly with small jig heads when it falls through the water column. The use of heavier jig heads does not significantly affect its operation, which allows you to achieve very long casts. The bait is worked either by gently tapping the bottom or jigging in a column with a light jig head. Baffi Fly is perfect for trout, perch, chub and basically all kinds of predatory and omnivorous fish. In addition, the bait is dipped with a strong cheese aroma, which increases the number of bites and leaves a strong odor trail.