DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Wakasagi ADA4013

DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Wakasagi ADA4013

Catalog number: ADA4013, EAN code: 4525918086299, Product code: 19252

Brand: DUO, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB:

DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Full Chart Yamame ASI4044DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Himemasu ASA4014DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Mat Gold OB JAPAN LIMITED CCC4081DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Pearl Ayu ANI4010DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Pink Yamame ADA4019DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB River Bait GPA4009DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Sapphire Lux GAA4005DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Yamame ANA4034DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB Yamame Red Belly ADA4068

DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB is the first Vibration model under the Spearhead brand. In recent years, trout fishing has been developing very fast and new techniques are coming. Vibration has proven to be irreplaceable for capturing small places and deep pools in mountain streams. Vibration can be used in many ways, but one of them has proven to be irreplaceable for trout fishing. You throw the bait against the current, let it fall to the bottom, then slowly lift it, pull it slightly downstream and let it fall to the bottom again. With this way of fishing, you can perfectly fish even places where ordinary wobblers or spoons cannot get. The fins on the back of the Ryuki VIB allow a faster rise of the bait and easier handling in the stream. DUO Spearhead Ryuki VIB opens up new possibilities for the Ryuki range and will become another irreplaceable bait for trout anglers.

Length 45 mm
1-3/4 in
Weight 5.3 g
1/5 oz
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook size #12
Range unlimited