DUO Realis Shinmushi Beetle CCC3219
DUO Realis Shinmushi Beetle CCC3219
DUO Realis Shinmushi Beetle CCC3219
DUO Realis Shinmushi Beetle CCC3219
DUO Realis Shinmushi Beetle CCC3219
DUO Realis Shinmushi Beetle CCC3219


DUO Realis Shinmushi

DUO Realis Shinmushi Beetle CCC3219

Catalog number: CCC3219, EAN code: 4525918086947, Product code: 8405

Brand: DUO, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of DUO Realis Shinmushi:

DUO Realis Shinmushi Aburazemi CCC3204DUO Realis Shinmushi Firefly CCC3405DUO Realis Shinmushi Frogster Fly CCC3265DUO Realis Shinmushi Mat Chart Bug ACC3404DUO Realis Shinmushi Mesmer Eyes CCC3264

DUO Realis Shinmushi is “Bug” lure that will induce bites with its silhouette and pulsation affect. The Realis Shinmushi has incorporated the actions of a “hard” body and “soft” rubber legs, creating a 3 dimensional pulsation the bass fancy. The most important factor for the “Bug” lure is the “sound” the bug makes when falling on the surface of the water. The hard body of the Shinmushi will enable any angler to create this effect. In addition, the rubber legs and feather on the tail hook will also induce bites from the bass. The wings works as a “stopper”, limiting the lure from traveling too far, while staging a “freestyle” swimming action when retrieving. Anglers will be able to approach the fish in a versatile manner. This ultimate “bug” lure will automatically induce bites from the bass while “stopping” it or “moving” it.

The body of the Shinmushi is a two piece structure separating from the belly and the back section. By removing the belly hook eye, anglers will be able to separate the body to customize the lure depending on the given situation.

We made it a point to design the wings as a fixed feature instead of a free moving wing, for its function as a stopper. It was also carefully designed to enable to the lure stage a ”freestyle” action while retrieving. We have employed elastomer as its material minimizing any drag while casting.

The length of the legs are 70mm and are so soft that it will continue shimmering even when holding it still in your hand. The color combinations have been chosen depending on body color based on Mr. Aiba’s previous experience.

Length 40 mm
1-5/8 in
Weight 5.7 g
1/5 oz
Type Floating - surface (Fixed Weight)
Hook size #10