DUO Realis Boostar Wake 3.5" Assort mix

DUO Realis Boostar Wake 3.5" Assort mix

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Soft bait DUO Realis Boostar Wake 3.5" (88 mm) is a novelty from the Japanese company DUO. There is an incredible amount of soft baits on the market, so creating something original and effective is not an easy task. DUO went its own way and created another ingenious product that has already caught many trophy predators!

Package contains 6 pcs, bait length 3.5" - 88 mm, bait weight 5.7 g

Recomended jig heads: Mustad Classic #2/0
Recomended hooks: DECOY Worm 25 Kg Hook Wide #1, DECOY Worm 9 Upper Cut #1/0, DECOY Worm 4 Strong Wire #1/0, DECOY Worm 30 Makisasu Hook #2/0

DUO Realis BooStar Wake was created with regard to the behavior and instincts of predators and at the same time adapted to many spinning techniques.

BooStar Wake offers three types of movement in one lure:

  • The fins in the first half of the bait create a rocking motion that emits vibrations similar to the movement of an injured fish. At the same time, they also serve as stabilizers when the bait hits the bottom. Boostar Wake always lands horizontally on the bottom and does not tend to roll over.
  • The articulated joint in the middle part gives the bait much better action, which resembles the natural movement of a floating fish. At the same time, the joint is strong enough so that smaller predators do not tear the back of the bait and thus destroy it.
  • The paddle tail is probably the most effective shape of the tail, which of course should not be missing on BooStar. Its aggressive vibrations will not leave even predatory predators cold.

Boostar Wake has been tested with virtually all types of rigs. Thanks to the shape of the body of the flattened oval, the bait has exceptional stability and does not overturn. Of course, there are no grooves on the body for using the offset hook. In addition to classic jigs, offset, cheburashka, texas and carolina rigs can also be used. You can also use BooStar Wake as a trailer for spinnerbait.

The bait contains pieces of salt, has a salty taste and squid aroma. Made in Japan!