DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot 15g Red Gold - PHA0026

DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot 15g Red Gold

Catalog number: PHA0026, EAN code: 4525918148959, Product code: 121106

Brand: DUO, Warranty: 24 months

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DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot is a new extra efficient model designed specifically for shore fishing. Thanks to the transfer of the weight to the rear, it has excellent flight characteristics and allows you to achieve very long casts. A rotating blade on the swivel is added to the treble hook, thanks to which the bait gains another very effective action in any movement - from a fall to a simple reeling. Great for searching large bodies of water, for us DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot is the most versatile jig from DUO, we recommend!

Properties - length: 47 mm, weight: 15 g, hooks - front hook #8 with tinsel, rear treble hook #8 with rotating blade