DECOY WA-21 Wire Treble Assist #S - 817377

DECOY WA-21 Wire Treble Assist #S

Catalog number: 817377, EAN code: 4989540817377, Product code: 7426

Brand: DECOY, Warranty: 24 months

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DECOY Wire Treble Assist - ready-made DECOY stingers with a wide range of uses. Stinger is made of steel wire coated with a thin layer of nylon. On one side is an extremely strong treble hook DECOY, on the other side is a DECOY ring. Stinger can be attached to the eye of a jig head, to a snap, swivel ... see photos. Made in Japan!

Package contains 2 pcs.

Size Treble Pieces in package
#S #8 2
#M #6 2
#L #4 2