DECOY W-S51 Assist Treble Hook #8 - 999219

DECOY W-S51 Assist Treble Hook #8

Catalog number: 999219, EAN code: 4989540999219, Product code: 20041

Brand: DECOY, Warranty: 24 months

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DECOY W-S51 Assist Treble Hook are special treble hooks designed exclusively for use as stingers. Instead of three identical hooks, these treble hooks are made of 2 hooks and one very thin hook turned in the opposite direction. This hook is used to insert into the soft bait - thanks to the fact that it is soldered to the eye of the hook, you can insert the stinger further than with conventional treble hooks, or on the contrary much less disturbs the bait, which is very useful for example for KEITECH Easy Shiner baits. Made in Japan!

Package contains 4 pcs.

Hook size Pieces in package
#10 4
#8 4
#6 4
#4 3
#2 3