DECOY L-7 Versatile Keeper #L - 812266

DECOY L-7 Versatile Keeper #L

Catalog number: 812266, EAN code: 4989540812266, Product code: 7455

Brand: DECOY, Warranty: 24 months

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DECOY L-7 Versatile Keeper are rubber stops with a wide range of uses. You can put them on the jig head, where they will prevent the soft bait from sliding. It is also perfectly suited as stops for offset hooks. You can also make additional jig hooks from them. You can also use DECOY Versatile Keeper stops before bullet weights for Texas or Carolina rigs. We recommend viewing the pictures.

Package contains 20 pcs.

Size Recommended hook size Pieces in package
#SS #8 - #2 20
#S #2 - #2/0 20
#M #1/0 - #3/0 20
#L #4/0 - #7/0 20