KEITECH vs O.S.P vs Sawamura

KEITECH vs O.S.P vs Sawamura

We have prepared a comparison of the three best Japanese brands of soft baits - KEITECH, O.S.P a Sawamura and their TOP models.

How are Japanese soft baits better than off the shelf brands? The fundamental difference is in the material used, the overall processing and action of the lure.

The Japanese KEITECH, O.S.P and Sawamura soft baits are made of a significantly softer material than the commonly sold baits, which European and American brands have not yet succeeded in copying. The soft material is also often salty and has a strong squid, shrimp or other flavor.

The lures are thought out and processed to the last detail, most of them have cutouts in the body for hiding the offset hook, thanks to which the lures do not get stuck in the grass and other obstacles.

Soft rubber baits are more attractive to predators and will often take the bait repeatedly if they don't hit it right the first time. Thanks to the softer material, the lures also have a better and more natural action, which works great even when fishing without a weight, when slowly falling through the water column, or in low temperatures, when ordinary lures almost don't work anymore.

However, the softer material also has its disadvantage, which is the shorter life of the lures. Japanese soft baits often last only a few fish caught, sometimes even the first fish caught destroys them. However, the shorter lifespan of the lures is balanced by the many times greater number of fish caught and much higher number of bites. So it's up to you if you want to just cast or catch!

The following comparison is written based on our own experience with KEITECH, O.S.P and Sawamura soft baits:


KEITECH Easy Shiner

KEITECH Easy Shiner is one of the most versatile lures in this comparison. It has the narrowest profile of the lures compared and if predators prefer small, slender fish, it is often unbeatable. The lure has a natural floating motion even at very slow line retrieves.

The Easy Shiner works all year round, but it has worked well for us in the colder parts of the year, when predators often prefer slower lures. Easy Shiner is suitable for catching almost all types of fish, it is produced in sizes from 5 to 20 cm (2 - 8").


KEITECH FAT Swing Impact

KEITECH FAT Swing Impact is the complete opposite of Easy Shiner. The lure has a wide profile and creates strong vibrations in the water with its ribbing and aggressive movement.

It is suitable for catching active fish, especially at the beginning of the season and during the summer. It is a great bait for all types of bigger predators. If the Easy Shiner is not working, predators often respond well to the FAT Swing Impact, which is produced in sizes from 7 to 20 cm (2.8 - 7.8")


KEITECH Soft Baits


O.S.P DoLive Shad

The soft rubber material of the O.S.P lures is similar to that of KEITECH, maybe a little softer, has a strong squid aroma and lasts about the same as KEITECH.

But the lures are even more thought out and have better elaborated details. O.S.P DoLive Shad is a lure almost exactly halfway between the Easy Shiner and the FAT Swing Impact - it has a wide profile similar to the FAT Swing Impact, but a softer action in the style of the Easy Shiner. Which is often exactly what predators want, regardless of the season and conditions – just choose the right size and color. The O.S.P DoLive Shad is the perfect lure for fishing for bass, walleye, zander and other predators, it is produced in sizes from 9 to 14 cm (3.5 - 6").


O.S.P Soft Baits


Sawamura One Up Shad

The rubber material of Sawamura lures is very soft, but it is a bit more flexible than KEITECH or O.S.P and also has a bit more resistance and durability. Lures have a special Sawamura TRUMP sweet aroma.

KEITECH and O.S.P use precise color mixing where every lure in the pack is the same. Sawamura has multi-color variations in color gradients randomly mixed, so you often won't find two exactly the same lures in a package.

Sawamura One Up Shad has a body split in half in the style of two-piece wobblers, thanks to which it has a very fast action and creates strong vibrations in the water. Compared to FAT Swing Impact, it works even more aggressively and intensively.

It also has a slightly thinner, smoother profile which gives it less drag in the water so it can be fished faster and you don't need as heavy jig heads as the FAT Swing Impact.

Perfect for the warm summer months and targeting aggressive fish, it can also provoke otherwise inactive predators. One Up Shad is suitable for fishing all types of freshwater and saltwater fish, it is produced in sizes from 5 to 21 cm (2 - 10"). The largest version is specially designed for pike fishing and is made of even more durable material.


Sawamura Soft Baits