ValkeIN Astrar 2.4g LT5 LIMITED
ValkeIN Astrar 2.4g LT5 LIMITED
ValkeIN Astrar 2.4g LT5 LIMITED
ValkeIN Astrar 2.4g LT5 LIMITED


ValkeIN Astrar

ValkeIN Astrar 2.4g LT5 LIMITED

Catalog number: LT5, EAN code: 4589873977665, Product code: 15820

Brand: ValkeIN, Warranty: 24 months

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Color selection of ValkeIN Astrar 2.4g:

ValkeIN Astrar 2.4g LT3 LIMITEDValkeIN Astrar 2.4g LT5 LIMITEDValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.01 GoldValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.02 SilverValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.12 ChartValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.13 Fluorescent PinkValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.20 Yellow Orange / BlackValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.26 Final Red GoldValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.27 Shine Lime GreenValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.28 Orange GoldValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.29 Chart GoldValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.69 Metalic GreenValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.70 Flash ChartValkeIN Astrar 2.4g No.71 Poker Olive

The ValkeIN Astrar spoon, created by Toru Arakawa, is designed for the ever-changing activity of fish with the ability to adapt their action to current conditions. It has the ability to change its speed and has excellent action in the form of a short rocking motion based on its shape.

When you come to the water in the morning you don't know if the trout are just below the surface, in a column or at the bottom. Of course, you want to catch all the areas as efficiently as possible. So far, this has meant changing spoons - light spoons for fishing under surface, heavier for fishing in water column and the heaviest for bottom fishing. Light spoons are not suitable for bottom fishing (over 1 m) due to the need for slow motion, when they are practically no longer working. When using heavy spoons, on the other hand, it is necessary to guide them quickly so that they remain close to the surface. This goes away with Astrar.

ValkeIn Astrar is suitable for medium and short distance fishing. Thanks to the shape, which is based on the Ice Fake and Hi-Burst spoons, the spoon has a narrower and slightly aggressive course - such a golden center. The combination of specific shape and weight allows it to guide relatively slowly below the surface, but retains great action even when fishing at greater depths up to about 2.5 m.

Properties - length: 29 mm, weight: 2.4 g, hook: Gyro hook #6