Rapala Skitter Pop

Rapala Skitter Pop 09

The Rapala Skitter Pop 09 is a proven surface lure that delivers plenty of aggressive action. When jerked, the bait creates a loud "pop" sound that attracts predators from a long distance, while leaving behind air bubbles on the surface. The Rapala Skitter Pop can be presented by classic popping, the walk-the-dog method, or twitching. We recommend taking occasional breaks when running the bait.

Properties - length: 9 cm (3-1/2 in), weight: 14 g (1/2 oz), type: topwater, treble hooks: 2 x #3

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Rapala Skitter Pop 05Skitter Pop 05Rapala Skitter Pop 07Skitter Pop 07Rapala Skitter Pop 09Skitter Pop 09
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Rapala Skitter Pop 09 FrogRapala Skitter Pop 09 Frog

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