ValkeIN Kuga Core Pink C081
ValkeIN Kuga Core Pink C081
ValkeIN Kuga Core Pink C081
ValkeIN Kuga Core Pink C081

ValkeIN Kuga Core Pink C081

Catalog number: C081, EAN code: 4589934362478, Product code: 8332

Brand: ValkeIN, Warranty: 24 months

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ValkeIN Kuga Black Gold OB C070ValkeIN Kuga Cacao Honey M111ValkeIN Kuga Caffeine Flash C197ValkeIN Kuga Clear Avocado M112ValkeIN Kuga Core Pink C081ValkeIN Kuga Double Peach M095ValkeIN Kuga Just Shot Pink M171ValkeIN Kuga Mat Melon Glow M051ValkeIN Kuga Papa Ole Coke Line M199ValkeIN Kuga Pure Drop C080ValkeIN Kuga Real Rush C174ValkeIN Kuga Sabre Pink C121ValkeIN Kuga Shooting Chart M158ValkeIN Kuga Split Amber M119ValkeIN Kuga Split Chart M118

There are 3 vital factors essential in a shallow crank. Firstly, its wide wobbling action that will attract trout even at slow speed. Secondly, a well balanced body able to swim at high speed retrieval and finally to have greate operability enabling the angler to trace a specific range. With all three factors packed into our shallow cranking ValkeIN Kuga, anglers will have the ability to control the lure at your will. The hybird minnow shaped body will not only allow anglers utilize the slow approach but also induce bites from the trout with a high speed reaction bite.

Length 36 mm
Weight 2.1 g
Type Floating
Hook #6
Range 0.1 ~ 0.5 m