Rapala BX Swimmer

Rapala BX Swimmer 12

The Rapala BX Swimmer is a slow-sinking, two-piece balsa wobbler. The BX Concept technology ideally combines the great properties of balsa wood and polymer coating. Thanks to this combination, the precision and unmistakable properties of balsa are combined with a strong and durable plastic on the surface of the bait. Due to its perfect balance and higher weight, it can be cast well even in the wind, while the depth of the running is easy to control when fishing.

Properties - length: 12 cm (4-3/4 in), weight: 22 g (3/4 oz), type: slow sinking, range: 1.2 ~ 1.8 m (4 ~ 6 ft), treble hooks: 2 x #3

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Rapala BX Swimmer 12 Hot HeadRapala BX Swimmer 12 Hot Head

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