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DUO Realis Pencil

DUO Realis Pencil

DUO Realis Pencil 100

DUO Realis Pencil 100 wobblers are one of the most fun wobblers we have on offer. Of course, the fishing with surface baits itself brings fun. However, if you also have a wobbler that is easy to use, has great flight characteristics, an innovative double knock system and, in addition, the right color for your favorite water, you will not want to leave the water. You can find the whole description on the product detail!

Properties - length: 100 mm (3-7/8 in), weight: 14.3 g (1/2 oz), type: floating - surface

We offer the lure in the following sizes / variants:

DUO Realis Pencil 65DUO Realis Pencil 6565 mmDUO Realis Pencil 85DUO Realis Pencil 8585 mmDUO Realis Pencil 100DUO Realis Pencil 100100 mm
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DUO Realis Pencil 100 Prism Gill ADA3058DUO Realis Pencil 100 Prism Gill ADA3058

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