Rapala RipStop

Rapala RipStop® 12

Rapala RipStop® 12 is a durable plastic wobbler with a unique shoe-shaped tail, thanks to which the lure immediately stops in place when reeling is stopped. After stopping, the RipStop will slowly raise its head with a slight tremor and remain standing in the column, which is often the moment when the bite comes. The wobbler can be presented in a variety of ways - from simple reeling, reeling with pauses, twitching, ... Rapala RipStop is designed for catching all kinds of predatory fish.

Properties - length: 12 cm (4-3/4 in), weight: 14 g (1/2 oz), type: suspending, range: 1.3 ~ 1.6 m (4 ~ 5 ft), treble hooks: 3 x #5

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Rapala RipStop 09RipStop 09Rapala RipStop 12RipStop 12
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Rapala RipStop 12 FiretigerRapala RipStop 12 Firetiger

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