Rapala Jointed

Rapala Jointed 11

Rapala Jointed 11 is a floating two-piece version of the Original Floater, which is excellent for spinning and trolling. The action of the bait imitating a confused fleeing fish works even with a very slow spead, the moving end of the bait reliably provokes the predator to attack. The wobbler is suitable for fishing in all layers of the water column. Rapala Jointed has proven itself for us after a sharp cooling, when fish are often picky and do not react much to other baits. The lure is made of balsa wood with black nickel VMC® hooks. Each wobbler is hand tuned and tank tested for perfect action right out of the box.

Properties - length: 11 cm (4-3/8 in), weight: 9 g (5/16 oz), type: floating, range: 1.2 ~ 2.4 m (4 ~ 8 ft), treble hooks: 2 x #3

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Rapala Jointed 11Jointed 11Rapala Jointed 13Jointed 13
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Rapala Jointed 11 Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse UVRapala Jointed 11 Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse UV

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