Rapala CountDown® Elite

Rapala CountDown® Elite 75

The Rapala CountDown® Elite 75 leverages over 80 years of experience in the craftsmanship of Rapala's premium balsa lures. The wobbler uses the legendary slow dive of the original CountDown model. At the same time, it has a modern construction for maximum distance and casting accuracy, increased durability and versatility. It sways from side to side as it falls through the column. The colorful designs combine metallic plating, HD printing and new patterns, taking the look to a whole new level. The Rapala CountDown® Elite is the perfect wobbler for trout fishing on all types of water - from small streams to lakes.

Properties - length: 75 mm (3 in), weight: 10 g (3/8 oz), type: slow sinking, range: 1.2 m (4 ft), treble hooks: 2 x #10

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Rapala Countdown Elite 75 Gilded YamameRapala Countdown Elite 75 Gilded Yamame

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