LMAB Finesse Filet 15 cm Rainbow Trout - 137016

LMAB Finesse Filet 15 cm Rainbow Trout

Catalog number: 137016, EAN code: 4260640137016, Product code: 151907

Brand: LMAB, Warranty: 24 months

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The LMAB Finesse Filet soft bait is another unique bait from the German brand #LMAB. Finesse Filet has an extremely thin body (approx. 1 mm), which works even with the finest movements. The reinforced front part of the head allows the hook to fit securely and firmly. Thanks to its slim body, "Filet" has very little resistance in water and is extremely flexible, even smaller predators can easily swallow it whole, including the hook. If the predators are less active and the attacks are careful, it's time to deploy LMAB Finesse Filet! The baits are equipped with UV elements (especially fins) and seafood aroma (salty + fish) for even greater efficiency. LMAB Finesse Filet can be set in many ways - from classic jigheads through offset to Drop Shot, for which this bait is perfect!

Package contains 3 pcs, bait length 15 cm, bait weight 6 g

Recommended jig heads: Mustad Classic #4/0
Recommended hooks: DECOY Worm 120 HD Hook Masubari #2, DECOY Worm 10 Shot Rig #1, DECOY Worm 4 Strong Wire #2/0