DUO Realis Shad 59MR

DUO Realis Shad 59MR is a very versatile model of "shad" shape, which excels even in waters with high fishing pressure and low water temperature, when predators are no longer active. The body of the wobbler has a built-in magnet fixing an otherwise moving weight. The weight moves to the back of the wobbler during the cast and helps to stabilize the wobbler during the flight, which results in longer casts. Upon impact, the ball weight is then retracted by this magnet into the center of gravity of the wobbler to improve the mobility of the wobbler during pulling. You will achieve the best results with the DUO Realis Shad 59MR wobbler with long jumps with a longer pause, thanks to which you can provoke predators to attack in practically any conditions.

Properties - length: 59 mm (2-3/8 in), weight: 4.7 g (1/6 oz), type: suspending, range: 1.0 ~ 2.0 m (3 ~ 7 ft)

DUO Realis Shad 59MRRealis Shad 59MR (59 mm)DUO Realis Shad 62DRRealis Shad 62DR (62 mm)
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